You’re Not Going to Believe it — You Can Skate a Glow in The Dark Skateboard Park.


A ‘glow in the dark’ skatepark seems like something out of a dream — not in a million years could we imagine skating concrete glowing under our feet.

Until today- the town of Vassivière, France decided to build their skateboard park like none other before.

How is this even possible? A ‘glow in the dark’ concrete surface has been developed and used on surfaces such as countertops and flooring. John Shuttermouth was asked to design a skateboard park for the small town of Isle of Vassivière, France in 2008. He decided to go a different route with the world’s first glow in the dark skate park. After nearly four years of design and construction, the last skate park soaks in the sun during the day to illuminate the park for several hours each night.

The green phosphorescent concrete provides a small amount of lighting for night skating each day. Using new technology as little as 10 minutes of daylight can provide up to 10 hours of illumination.

The process for the glowing skate park is standard. The concrete pouring process is normal then the glow in the dark coating is painted on all of the surfaces.

A concrete slab with the coating applied.


Ambient Glow Technology, a company out of Pickering, ON, Canada, specializes in selling the glow technology in glow stones, sand, and concrete. They sell the illumination for granite counter tops, driveways, floors, sinks, and pool floors. All products require no electricity. Here are some photos of their work:










Of course, if it’s for kitchen counters, why not skate parks?

“Otro” – Skate Park/Masterpiece

The skate park is the brainchild of Korean artist, Koo Jeong A, who thought this to be an opportunity to merge art with helping skaters dodge each other while night skating. The park name is “Otro” – which means ‘another’ in Spanish.

Eiffage + Cadillon, a French firm, was responsible for designing and installing the luminescent coating.

The photos of the construction of the skate park show a very normal building process. The final result is astonishing!


Phase 3: Nearing Completion


Phase 4: Completed


Project Details

Project author: Koo Jeong A, artist

Feasibility, overall coordination and technical design: l’escaut architectures

Structure engineering consultants: ney & partners

Skateboarding consultants: brusk (BE), barricade (F)

Contractors: earth-moving work: eurovia aubusson

Structural work: loic flacassier sarl + concrete flow skateparks

Coating: Eiffage + cadillon

Electricity: ineo atlantique

Surface area: 212 sqm

Duration: April 2008-July 2012




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