Beginner Equipment Specials

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Complete Skateboard - HIGHEST Quality

(Valued at $128)
This 7.5 inch wide board is the perfect size for beginners, ages 4-14, to master the basic of transportation. The 7 ply Canadian Maple board is durable, and light. The bearings are ABEC 5 and will last through sand, salt, and water longer. The wheels are 56 mm for all-around skating. The Trucks are CORE Trucks and are great for turning.

This is not a Walmart Quality Skateboard. This is meant for accelerated learning and to last years.

Colors available: green, purple, black, red, and blue.

Skateboard Pad Set

(Valued at $25)
The key to safety and confidence. This provides the shield for more learning! These elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards will help prevent injury. The pads come in Small, Medium, and Large.

Two Knee Pads - With adjustable straps, breathable material, and strechable backs
Two Elbow Pads- Two adjustable straps, a plastic out shell, and comfortable padding
Two Wrist Guards - Padded and shelled with plastic to reduce possibility of bruised, or sprained palms or wrists.

Colors available: black

Pro Helmet

(Valued at $35)
This Pro Helmet comes with the highest safety ratings, interior padding, and an adjustable strap. There are 4 sizes: extra small, small, medium, and large.

Available in Blue or Red.
Ask a Go Skate Rep which size is best for you.

End of School Beginner Package Special

Complete Skateboard (Assembled) + Full Set of Pads + Pro Helmet

Total Value: $188

The Wave, Longboard

(Price $185)

Call now for Pricing: 800-403-2405.