El Toro: The Hammer Hall of Fame

El Toro High Schools 20 Stair has seen many years of body hucking and carcass tossing left and right. Anyone that comes to pull something off at this spot means business. And more often than not people leave unsuccessful and broke off. There are however a handful of tricks that have been pulled off and engraved the skateboarders that landed them into El Toros history. Here are just 5 tricks that have been successfully pulled at this monstrous stair set.

5. Ben Gilley 5-0 Grind
Perhaps my favorite Grind done down the 20 stair of all time. It was first try! And he did it twice a second time to clean it up. I have always been a fan of 5-0 grinds down rails or ledges and seeing this down the set for the first time was jaw dropping! Everyone should know who Ben Gilley is and if you don’t then please do yourself a favor and watch his video parts. Legendary!

4. Ryan Decenzo Nollie
Probably the cleanest of the landings of the tricks down this behemoth of a starriest. When Ryan Nollied it seemed like he was in the air forever. Timing is everything with a Nollie down a starriest this big. One millisecond to late and he would have missed the pop for as fast as he was going. The pop speed and floatation of this trick is a thing of beauty. Well executed Ryan.

3. TJ Rogers Switch 180
TJ can make any list of best tricks done down famous spots. He essentially has something down every major spot. This Switch 180 however solidifies him into the pantheons of El Toro greatness with this Switch frontside 180 down 20 stairs. Of all the people on this list I could see TJ coming back and getting something else bonus down this stair set. He has a big bag of tricks he can pull from.

2. Ryan Dannettelle Backside 180
First off remember that a backside 180 off of this 20 stair ends you up with a switch stance roll away. Once you acknowledge that you will see why this is so gnarly. I always wondered why the skateboard industry didn’t embrace Ryan after this trick. This dude was super good and may still be out there shredding. This should for sure be in everyones top 5 tricks down El Toro.

1. TIE Dave Bachinsky + Aaron “JAWS” Homoki
You all knew one of these two would be the number one but I couldn’t just leave one or the other out. Dave did the kickflip first and really shocked the skateboard world and Aaron came along and just upped the ante. Both are gnarly and both deserve to be on the tip top of El Toros trick history considering they are to date the only flip tricks successfully pulled off. We have seen attempts of Shecklers backside flip, and Peter Villalbas 360 flip but no makes as of yet so for now Dave and Jaws take the gold. But I look forward to seeing the whats to come because as skateboarding progresses we know there are skateboarders out there that are destined to take a piece of the El Toro pie.