DYLAN RIEDER 1988-2016

By Ruben Najera.

dylan-rieder-007As if 2016 wasn’t already taking away so many legends from us in the entertainment industry, we now loose one of our very own. A very sad time for skateboarding as we have lost a trendsetter, a pioneer, and an extremely talented skateboarder who inspired us with his talents on his board.

Dylan Suffered from Leukemia
Dylan was only 28 years old and died on Wednesday due to complications from leukemia. I admit to noticing his absence from the skateboarding scene for the past year, but I figured he was just busy working at his store “The Hunt” and still skateboarding as always. His cancer was not known publicly and was kept amongst only his close family and friends. I am in disbelief that he is now gone it is unreal and was honestly shocking for me because of how young Dylan was.

My Personal Experience with Dylan
In fact in the early portion of this decade, I had been around him numerous occasions. He always did seem healthy. On one instance, I remember skating a quarter pipe in front of K Five skateshop in San Diego County. He was taking turns doing different variations of stalls. Also at this skate session, was Ian “Poods” Barry who we also lost a few years ago. In fact the skatepark in Encinitas, California is named after him.

I got the opportunity to be around these two and share a ramp session, and I always remembered when “Poods” passed away that Dylan was the other skater having a session on the ramp with us. Now to know that they are both gone as well it is extremely surreal.

He was my inspiration for learning to impossible.

Ozzy had some words to say..


May 26, 1988 – Born Dylan Joseph Rieder, in Westminster, California.

1997 – Dylan started skating
2006 – Turned pro at 18 for Alien Workshop with his breakout part in the video, “A Time To Shine”
2013 – Left Alien Workshop and switched to Dill and AVE’s firm, F^*king Awesome.
2013 – 3rd Place at Street League Skateboarding in Kansas City

2014 – Spring Ad Campaign of DKNY along with Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn.
October 12, 2016 – Dylan passed away.

I leave you all with my favorite Dylan Rieder Parts of all time

Gravis, 2010

The above was a short film Gravis footwear did starring Dylan Rieder.

His part in “Cherry” which won “Part of the Year” at the Transworld Awards, 2014.


Dylan in “Boys of Summer”, 2015

Dylan in “A Time to Shine”, 2006

Dylan Had an EPIC Impossible
Dylan has always been pushing the boundaries on what was possible on a skateboard and although Ed Templeton really made the Impossible a household name, we can’t deny the fact that Dylan Rieder had the absolute greatest Impossible in the world. He could do that trick literally over anything. It was a remarkable sight to see wether in person or even from your very own youtube screen. Seeing Dylan do the trick on flat in person was the very reason I even wanted to learn it.

From this day forth, I am just calling it the “DYLAN” in honor of him.

His sponsors included HUF, Fucking Awesome, Supreme, Spitfire and Thunder.

Its his from here on out, I know your looking down on us dude, and thank you for everything you have done for skateboarding.