Drunk mother tries to drop in at a skatepark (while wearing flip flops)


It’s the suspense that kills us.

She’s not wearing a helmet, she’s wearing sandals and she may have had a few drinks.

Usually mothers are trying to tell their kids to wear helmets and not skate…
But this lady honestly believes she can skate.

”˜Don’t do it mum,’  comes from the crowd (though we’re not sure if that actually is from her child).

But she does”¦ after a little speech.

”˜I’m gonna let y’all know that I will bust my ass”¦ and I have flip flops on,’ she says.

”˜Don’t put this sh*t on YouTube either.’


You will probably watch the video more than once.

We did.

Did you like? Let us know in the comments below!



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