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Skateboard Size Calculator

Pick the wrong size skateboard, and you will fall more often.

Yes- skateboard size is that important! An oversized skateboard could Triple the amount of time it takes you to learn skateboarding!

Skateboarding is a thrill, lifestyle, and athletic activity.  It has gained popularity over the past couple of decades and many people have started riding a skateboard for the first time.  Many people riding skateboards that are inadequate for themselves.


1.1.- With the Help of Our Calculator, Find the Appropriate Equipment Size…

———-Kids, ages 4-7, should purchase a skateboard deck (“the wood part”) between 6.75″ and 7.25″

———-Kids, ages 8-13, should purchase a skateboard deck (“the wood part”) between 7.25″ and 7.5″

———-Adults, should purchase a skateboard deck (“the wood part”) 7.5″ or larger



Part 2 – Pick the Board Shape

—-You will need a skateboard that fits your body size and matched your skateboarding ambitions.

——-Most new skaters start with a regular skateboard.   This is also called a “popsicle” shape.  A popsicle board allows multiple uses for the board.

——-Some skateboarders opting for the hills and roads only will be more suited for a longboard.

——-Other novelty shapes may not be best suited for a beginner and could limit progression or board use.



  • A beginner skateboard should cost between $60-$150. Buy a pre-assembled skateboard or ask the skateboard shop to set up board for you.  As a beginner, the last thing you need is backwards trucks or bearing to stifle your learning progress.
  •  Don’t be fooled by the low prices of Walmart or Target skateboards. They will snap quickly and are hard to learn on. Go to a real skate shop.
  • Try our skateboard size calculator

2.2.- Wear Appropriate Footwear

Safe skateboarding starts with proper shoes.  Flat-soled shoes are imperative for board control and balance.

Never attempt to skate in sandals, clogs, boots, or footwear with a separate heel platform.  Improper footwear could result in serious injury.


2.3.- Wear Safety Gear

Beginners must have a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards.  There is no reason to negligently learn skateboarding without pads.  Do not risk it.


A bicycle helmet is not a substitute.  A skateboard helmet is more effective than a bicycle helmet because such a helmet has been specifically designed to handle skateboard crashes.  Make sure the helmet fits your head properly.  The under-chin strap should be fastened and the helmet should not wiggle.

Wrists must be protected.  Wrist guards protect against some of the most common injuries for beginners.

2.4.- Find a Suitable Place to Learn

Smooth and flat ground is an ideal place to learn skateboarding.

A level, concrete driveway or parking lot is a good place to start getting comfortable on the board. Make sure there isn’t anything in your way and be wary of cracks, loose stones, and potholes. Running over a little pebble can account for a whole lot of crashes, especially with hard wheels.


  • Avoid getting roughed up on aged, cheese-grater pavement.   If you can clearly see small gaps between the pavement rocks, it’s not a good surface for skateboarding.  When choosing ground surfaces, polished concrete will be the friendliest for learning.  New or sealed asphalt is also suitable.
  • Skateparks are great places to skate once you’ve got some experience. If you’re just trying to get the board to stay under you without falling down, parks might be a little intense. If there’s one in your area, go watch some skaters for tips, but stay on the sidelines.

2.5.- Get a Seasoned Skateboarder to Oversee You

The first day can be overwhelming.  Despite watching every YouTube skateboard video, reading every “how to” article, and the perfect skateboard, learning skateboarding is always safer with expert guidance.

Call 800.403.2405  to Have an Expert from Come Help You.


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6 Tips For Buying a Beginner Skateboard

by McKenna Marsden

Choosing a skateboard as a beginner-or a not-so-beginner looking to upgrade from a cheap starter skateboard-can seem intimidating. Having a good skateboard is crucial even for beginners, and there are a lot of options out there. Here are a few tips to help you as you start the search for your perfect skateboard.

1.       Talk to the staff at your local skate shop

skate shop

If you’re lucky enough to have a locally run skate shop in your town, they’ll be your #1 best resource on the best brands, best value, and what to choose for how you want to skate.

2.       Complete or custom?

Do you want a pre-assembled, ready-to-ride skateboard (complete), or to pick your own parts (custom)? Building a custom skateboard gets you exactly what you want, and isn’t as hard as it sounds-but you do have to be sure you know all your parts will fit together and are good quality. If you don’t know exactly what you want yet, or are feeling intimidated, there’s nothing wrong with a good quality complete! For beginning to intermediate skaters, you’re unlikely to have any issues with one.

3.       Know your needs skateboarder

Are you planning to use your board just for tricks? Transportation? Some combination? Will you be skating mostly on streets or in parks? For most beginner skaters who want to start learning tricks on the street, a standard-shaped shortboard will be the best bet. A wider deck can help you out if you’re already doing some vert, and if you’re mostly about transportation, you’ll get maximum speed with a longboard and maximum versatility with a cruiser.

4.       Know your parts

partsWhether you go custom or complete, understanding the parts of your skateboard and what they do will help you get the one that fits your needs.

    A. Most will purchase a 7.5- 7.75″ width deck
    For the deck, your main considerations are going to be width and concavity-beginners looking for an all-round skateboard will probably be looking at 7.5-7.75 in. width, and any concavity that isn’t flat. The trucks, which attach the wheels to the deck, should be about the same width as the deck, and the mid-level height is the most versatile. Find your size.

    B. Most beginners get 53mm-56mm wheels
    If you have a mid-level truck, you’ll want 53mm-56mm wheels, and if you want to do some tricks and street skating, a hardness of 96a-99a will do you (softer wheels are better for cruising.)

    C. Don’t settle for less than ABEC 5 bearings
    Bearings, which connect the wheels to the truck, may be small but make a huge impact on your ride. Most brands use a quality rating system called ABEC; for beginners, ABEC 5 should meet your needs. Once you start to learn what works for you, though, there’s a whole world of modifications for all these parts, which you can learn about online or (even better) at your local skate shop.

5.       Invest a minimum of $60

No one likes spending money, but you also get what you pay for. You don’t have to get the most expensive skateboard on the market, but investing in a decent quality board can make the difference between fun and frustration. Probably the best value skateboards out there are the plain-but-quality Mini-Logo (a complete from them is about $90,) but World Industries and Golden Dragon both sell decent starter boards for about $60 if you’re really trying to save.

6.       Don’t be afraid!

Skateboards wear out. This isn’t a lifetime decision! If this is your first board, you can always start with a standard beginner board and swap out parts as you learn your own preferences. The main thing is to get a board that will work with you and not against you as you get the basics down, and get skating.

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The Best Video on How to Kickflip EVER


Make Sure Your Front Foot is Placed in Area it Can Flick Well

Your front foot positioning is more important that your back foot positioning, because this is the foot that dictates the kickflip. An angle or position which is off will throw off your flip. You will need to flick the board near an exact point (shown in the video). In order to hit this point, you need to not have your foot too far away from this point. You will also need to make sure that the end of your front foot aligns with this spot. (Watch the video above for more details)

Upper Body Positioning is Absolutely Crucial

In order to avoid what is known as “mobbed kickflips,” you must keep your shoulders and balance level. A “mobbed kickflip” is when the back of your board flips below the front. This is considered a style error. A proper kickflip should level in the air. The front and back should be lifted to the same height.

Keep your shoulders level and weight equally distributed between the front trucks and back trucks. This will ensure your board is less likely to be mobbed.

If You’re not Catching in the Air, You’re Not Doing it Right

Simple truth: You should catch in the air or your dynamics are wrong.
You need to make sure your pressure and flicks are powerful enough to lift the board high enough. Your board should not be rolling above the ground.

Use the Principle of Opposite but Equal Pressure

Don’t put 3 times as much power into your flick as your pop.
Your pop and your flick should have the same power.
You will notice a major difference in your flip tricks when you put this principle into practice.


The Best Video on Kickflips EVER

Rob teaches you how to properly kickflip on a skateboard in a VERY detailed procedure.


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Difficulty is The #1 Reason Why Most Don’t Skate More Often

A 2014 study published Transworld Business showed the reason most don’t skateboard is they don’t know how! Go Skate is the leading provider of skateboarding lessons in the world. With more skateboard classes completed than any other school, the school knows the best ways to teach. Over 5,000 have become certified instructors. Over 15,000 lessons have taken place. We have taught in 4 countries, 50 states, and all major US cities.

Our Celebrity Instructors Have Taught 15,000+ Lessons

We have been regarded as one of the premiere skate schools in America. Our credibility has earned us the privilege to work with many celebrities and governments throughout the world such as the City of Chicago, the Government of Ireland, city of Lexington, KY, and many more.

Longboard or Skateboard Lessons in Your Driveway!

Yes, we come to you! It’s hard to believe, but YES, we will teach you anywhere. We specialize in 1-on-1 instruction. We usually do not offer camps for first-time students. We recommend first going through a private lesson for safety purposes and your greatest improvement.

Longboarding and Skateboarding Lessons, Nationwide

Our instructors have been in the X-Games, Gravity Games, and all over TV. We are renowned for having some of the best in the industry. (Certified Lessons start at $47/hour and up) We also have a Platinum Plan which allows you to get a private lesson with nearly any pro of your choice. Private Lessons with Tony Hawk? Hey, why not?

Our World-Famous System is on Video Too!

Go Skate has filmed an online learning program which gives you everything you need to know about skateboarding. It’s videos have been seen over 3.5 million times attesting to the accuracy and quality. The course is only $97. Click here for more info

Who Are Our Instructors?

APPROVED Go Skate’s teachers have over 14 years of skateboarding experience . They are certified by ASA (The American Skate Association) for safety and skills. Get taught by a pro skateboarder! The instructors can help you learn almost any trick. These are some of the best skateboarders in America.

Skateboarding – The Best Activity to Learn

Skateboarding is a great sport for people of all ages. We teach all ages (starting at 3 years old.) It is actually a very safe sport to learn. Our lessons help you learn without having to worry about injury. Our students are required to wear safety gear in the lessons-helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards.

Enter Zip Code to Find Locations

Skateboarding 101 Includes:

An online video course with step-by-step instructions (to accompany your in-person lessons), a free rental board or discounted skateboard gear, a year membership to, 6 months of call-in support, and more!



– We have been featured on ESPN, FOX News,,, and Yahoo Sports!

– We were selected as the first school to teach kids for the government of Ireland.

– We run a highly popular channel on YouTube with over 3,000,000 views and 17,000 subscribers.



– We are an ASA (The American Skate Association) Accredited School for safety and skills.

Longboard and Newbie Curriculum

        Master how to turn on your board
        Find how to slide/powerslide

        Basic transportation

        Learn foot placement so you can have great balance

        How to go down hills safely

Ages and Requirements

Ages: We start teaching kids at ages 3 and up. We teach both kids and adults.

Abilities:Beginner to Advanced Lessons Available. (Most students are beginners)

Equipment: Longboards or shortboards. We have a full line of equipment for sale and rent.

Pricing Info


  • Pricing Go Skate’s lessons is affordable. 1 on 1 lessons are priced from low $200’s for beginner packages.

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