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Loveland, CO Summer Skate Camp!

imageedit_7_6475343272Go Skate offers a summer skate camp in Loveland.  In addition, we offer private one-on-one lessons throughout the year.  We believe the Loveland Parks and Recreation Department has an inferior program run by Keven Aggers and others.  Our program is through a program that specializes in ONLY skateboarding.  People who skateboard know skateboarding best!


Go Skate is the best service for learning skateboarding in Loveland because:…

1. We offer lessons ANYWHERE in Loveland.  We can even teach in your driveway.

2. We have been doing this for far longer than the City of Loveland.  We specialize in it!

3. Go Skate has more instructors, students, and does higher volume.  We do this throughout the state.  We don’t come together once a year.  Therefore our instructors probably get more teaching time.

4.  Support a private company that is funded off of choice not your tax dollars!

5.  Schedule anytime of year!  Loveland Parks and Rec has limited slots.  We don’t do that.   We teach 7 days a week during mornings, and evenings in all seasons.

-Skateboarding Lessons are offered 7 days a week in Loveland, 365 days a year (covered locations maybe available)


Call us up today and get your son or daughter enrolled here by calling us at 800 403 2405.

Or use the form on the contact page of our website to inquire.