Can You Teach Yourself Skateboarding?

Yes and No

Why Yes

Skateboarding is something that can be learned simply by watching good skaters. Watch them at the parks and on video. Pay close attention to their foot placement. Look at how they have their upper body. How are they popping or scooping?

Many skateboard greats have taught themselves. There was no such thing as skateboarding lessons or Woodward. Skateboarding was about fun and trying to create new things yourself.

Why No

Think of the first time you learned a second language. You heard a word, tried to repeat it, and had someone tell you how you just butchered it! Many times when you think you are copying something but you need to be corrected. Skateboarding is the same way. You need correction.

The other reason to have someone else teach you from the start is so that you don’t pick up bad habits. You don’t want to have improper balance, pop, and scoop.

It’s funny. Many people know they can’t teach themselves snowboarding but think skateboarding is different!
Depositphotos_58126403_mThink about kids that learn how to push mongo from the start. They pick up this horrible habit and can never reverse it because they learned the wrong way!

Do not get confused! There is a difference between knowing how to do a trick and knowing how to explain it. You want someone to help that has experience in teaching it! We have all seen those obscure advice videos on Youtube which show you how to do something, but do not help at all! This is usually because the person does not have experience in teaching it to people!

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