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Difficulty is The #1 Reason Why Most Don’t Skate More Often A 2014 study published Transworld Business showed the reason most don’t skateboard is they don’t know how! Go Skate is the leading provider of skateboarding lessons in the world. With more skateboard classes completed than any other school, the school knows the best ways…

How to Manual on a Skateboard (& Nose Manual)

Before you learn how to do a manual on a skateboard, you should first feel comfortable with:
1. Rolling on a skateboard
2. Turning on a skateboard
3. Comfortable with resting on the tail of the skateboard.

There are two different types of manuals:
1. Manuals
2. Nose Manuals

Manuals are EASIER than nose manuals. Start with those first.

There are two steps to the manual:
Step 1. Find the proper foot positioning
Step 2. Find you center of balance

For step one, you want you feet to be straight and not angled. If your feet are straight, it will be easier to balance. Also try to keep your shoulder over each of your feet while doing a manual.

For step two, you want to find your center of balance. The key to finding your center of balance is distributing your weight so that half of your weight is in the front of your wheels on the ground and half of your weight is behind the wheels. The most difficult thing about the center of balance is finding it and holding it.

We recommend that once you find your center of balance that you never make any lower body adjustments. Try to keep your body as still as possible. Only make adjustments to your weight if you are starting to fall. When you start to fall on a skateboard, then make minor adjustments in your upper body and in your arms.


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‘The World’s Largest Skateboard Store’ Closes Nearly six years after Foot Locker purchased CCS Mailorder for $103.2 million, it is closing the doors. Foot Locker hoped to pick up on the HUGE skateboarder show market and also stop CCS from competing with them. As time would have it, the advancement of the internet meant a…

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Skateboard Lessons

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Worland WY Skateboard Lessons

The Details Worland Lesson Locations: Go Skate can teach you in any driveway in Worland . Pricing? Our school’s curriculum is affordable. Individual lessons start as low as low $100’s. Worland Lesson Locations: Pricing? Our school’s curriculum is affordable. Individual lessons start as low as low $100’s. Worland Lesson Locations: Since we have a large…