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5 Awesome Slow Motion Skateboarding Tricks

720 Double Kickflip

Here we have a breathtaking 720 double kickflip performed by Robbyn Magby at Riley skate park in Farmington Hills, MI. The footage was filmed using a high speed camera that captures 1,000 frames per second. Once this video goes into slow motion, we can truly appreciate the beauty of this trick and the perfect landing Robbyn performs.

360 Triple Flip

Skateboarder Joe Vizzaccero performs a beautiful 360 triple flip in this slow motion video. He did it in Auburn skate park in Auburn Hills, MI. Video features one shot at 240 frames per second and another one at 480 frames per second. Super Mario deck adds a classy touch to this beautifully performed trick.

Clean 720 Double Flip

Josh Katz captures a clean 720 Double Flip in this slow motion video. He did this on the quiet street, by mounting an improvised ramp. The trick looks as beautiful as the houses in the background and what’s cool about it is that he shows some extra footage of his attempts. It takes A LOT OF attempts to capture a perfect trick like this one, and we can see in the extra section how hard it is to land perfectly in balance when going for this trick.

Bigspin Dolphin Flip

Skating in this video is done by Christopher Chann and it was shot at Stoner skate plaza in Los Angeles. The video shows a Bigspin Dolphin Flip trick or so called dolphin flip backside 180 trick in 240 frames per second slow motion. Clip also slows down to 480 frames per second to capture all the details of this stunning trick.

Triple Kick Flip

Here we have a skateboarder Shaun Rodriguez performing a triple kick flip on the ground in slow motion. It’s amazing how easy he makes this complicated trick look. He effortlessly nails it over and over again. Great job Shaun!



Top 5 Hollywood Movies About Skateboarding

Skateboarding has such a big cultural influence, and there are so many skateboarding competitions out there. A skateboarder is a very unique and interesting person living an adrenaline filled life. Unlike some other sports though, this one has not received many movie attributions over the years. There are not so many skateboarding-themed movies out there and we are going to present our top 5 that you must watch if you love skateboarding.

1. Thrashin’ (1986)

This is an 80s classic! When this movie came out, all the kids started buying skateboards and acting out the famous fighting scenes from the movie. Remember, this was the 80s – the time before all the parents went paranoid about putting their kids in armor before playing on the street. This surely resulted in multiple injuries, but anyone growing up in the 80s would say that it was well worth it! This movie has it all, from tricks to skateboarding stunts and fights. The storyline is centered around two rivaling skateboarding gangs that fight each other for being the number one. It gets more complicated because one of the gang members falls in love with the sister of his rival. Cherry on top are the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing in the movie.

2: Lords Of Dogtown (2005)

This is a story about Venice Beach surfers inventing a new sport of “pool surfing” when a drought hits Southern California in the 70s, and as a result people start emptying their swimming pools. Four friends start a team of “Z-Boys” invading swimming pools, evading police and partying. This movie has awesome skateboarding scenes, and has a very high rating. It is based on a true story and watching it will surely inspire you to immediately take your skateboard out.

3. Street Dreams (2008)

This movie is about a talented skater Derrick Cabrera in an environment where skateboarding culture is foreign. He is talented and has a dream of becoming a pro and getting sponsored, but everything seems to be going wrong. In this movie, Derrick faces what a lot of us have certainly faced when skateboarding – the lack of support. Family and friends don’t support the choice Derrick makes. They see no value or future in skateboarding. Ultimately, this movie shows that in the world of skateboarding, a single innovative and cool trick can thrust you into the spotlight. It also shows how hard it is to keep skateboarding when no one supports you. This movie is very inspiring and digests a lot of troubling, yet interesting things skateboarders face when starting out and aiming big.

4. Wassup Rockers (2005)

A group of young latino skateboarders are trying to take part and enjoy the culture of Los Angeles skateboarding scene. This movie is about skateboarding and partying. These kids invade backyards of Beverly Hills and let loose skateboarding, while at the same time resisting the pressure and temptation to join the local gangs. They are teased for choosing the life of skateboarders instead. This movie is realistic, a bit dark and wrapped in the skateboarding theme throughout. It’s a must watch for all the skateboarding fans.

5. Grind (2003)

This movie has been a hit among genre lovers. Even though this is not a really great movie according to critics, it’s just fun to watch. It’s about four friends who are following Jimmy Wilson on his cross-nation tour, trying to get noticed and become skateboarding stars themselves. They form the skateboarding team Super Duper and start competing to get noticed. If you love comedy and skateboarding, than you must see this movie.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed this list of skateboarding themed movies. Have you seen some of them already? What are your favorite skateboarding movies?


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