Millwoods Skate Park


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Skate Park Description:

It Is All Cement With Drains A Eight Foot Bowl A Small Vert Ramp Rails O Grind On They Have 4 Or 5 Lights (For Night Skating) It Is Security Gated And Has A Locked Security Gate So When It Is Closed You Can’T Get In . It Has Water There And A Ice Cream Truck There That Provides Free Water So That Is About It .

How Crowded? 1
Are Pads Required To Skate?: Full Pads
Does It Cost Money To Skate?: No

Skate Park Address:


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4 comments for “Millwoods Skate Park

  1. Paul Henderson

    I used to skate behind the grocery store but they yelled at me. This is the easiest place to skate without being hassled.

  2. Tim

    This skatepark does not have lights or anything, but the ramps are nicely made and fun to skate.

  3. Ross Taylor

    I really like This Skateparkthis skatepark! It is where I learned how to push. It is a nice skatepark to learn things at.

  4. John

    Pads aren’t enforced by rule to skate here! This is about the only skate spot in town to skate without getting kicked out!

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