Issaquah Skatepark – Issaquah WA

“Reflecting a long-held community desire to offer skaters a better place to ride, we’re developing a new skate park.

The 10,500-square-foot facility will be constructed at Tibbetts Valley Park.

With our planned skate park, we want to provide the most fun — and safest — experience possible for our skaters, and include amenities for skaters of all skill levels.

The existing 5,600-square-foot Issaquah Skate Park, constructed in 1997 near the Issaquah Community Center, no longer provides the best recreational experience possible for our skaters.

Our project is divided into three main phases: site location, design and construction.

In Phase 1, we led a conversation about potential skate park locations. After listening to input from our community, our City Council approved Tibbetts Valley Park as the location for our new skate park.

In Phase 2, we worked with our community and Grindline Skateparks to develop a preliminary design for a 10,500-square-foot skate park at Tibbetts Valley Park.

In Phase 3, a new skate park will be constructed, starting in early 2017.

With support from the Arts Commission, artist Jake “Dkoy” Wagoner developed exciting public art for the new skate park.

Funding for the $525,000 project comes from the City’s park mitigation and Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) funds, a King County Youth Sport Facilities Grant and community donations.

Working with our community, we raised $20,810 in donations for the skate park project.”
-From the Issaquah City Website

Issaquah Skatepark Skate Park Address:

Community Center 301 Rainier Blvd. South Issaquah WA 98027

Issaquah Skatepark Skate Park Hours:

Sun up to Sun down. We teach private skateboard lessons at Issaquah Skatepark. Contact us at 800 403 2405


Go Skate does not own this park. Skate at your own liability. Wear proper head, elbow, elbow, and wrist protection at all times. Go Skate will not be liable for injury at these parks. For further questions about general regulations at this skate park, call the Issaquah recreation department staffing.

Learn Skateboarding at Issaquah Skatepark:

Go Skate gives skateboard lessons at Issaquah Skatepark. If you are having difficulty then you may want to think about taking a tutorial with Go Skate, The Country’s Leading Skateboarding Lesson Service. Search through our certified instructors, Issaquah, WA Skateboard Lessons

Directions to Issaquah Skate Park:

Take Exit 18 off of I-90. Turn right on E. Sunset Wy. Continue west on Sunset to the stop sign at 2nd Ave. Turn Left onto 2nd Ave. Continue on 2nd for two blocks to SE Bush Street. Turn right onto SE Bush Street. Turn left into the Community Center parking lot.

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Community Center 301 Rainier Blvd. South C2 WA 98027

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