5 comments for “Gearhart Skatepark

  1. Sean T.

    Helmets aren’t required! This is about the only skate spot in town to skate without getting kicked out!

  2. Kelly

    This is the closest park to my house. I have been skating here for two years and the skaters at the park are really helpful. There isn’t a bad scene here like some other parks.

  3. Jordan G.

    I love this park! It is where I learned how to push. It is an easy park to skate flatground.

  4. Lee Torres

    I really like This Skateparkthis skatepark! It is where I learned how to heelflip. It is a great place to learn how to skate.

  5. Jake Myers

    The ramps are pretty smooth although there are a few cracks around the park that can be deadly. Watch out!

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