Cary Skatepark

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Built in 2002, Cary Skatepark became the first public facility for skaters in Wake County. The skatepark features over 12,000 square feet of skate terrain. Please check the hours of operation before attending. A liability waiver must also be completed by a parent or legal guardian before skating.

Cary Skatepark is a poster-child for nanny government skateparks. Scheduled sessions, waivers, mandatory safety gear, and a government-run pro shop. The park is full staffed. Meaning mom and dad don’t have to pay for daycare! What a great “free” (haha) way to have the government raise your kids!

The People’s Republic of Cary Built a Skatepark

NEWSFLASH: This is not Russia. Welcome to the People’s Republic of Cary. Government bureaucracy runs this place. Rather than relying on demand to power private-industry solutions, Cary decided to sell action sports goods. Hmm.. Last I checked, Cary doesn’t have a Ferrari dealership, high incomes would support one, so why doesn’t the city council open one? 🙂

Seriously– the largest complaint with the Cary Skatepark is BMX only hours. Come on- this is a SKATEpark, built by skateboarders, and most importantly, fundraising and rallying was done by skateboarders. Scooters and BMX now reap the benefits without putting in the money or the work. Coexisting with scooter and bikers isn’t the biggest problem. It’s showing up to the skatepark to skate and being told to “go home, because it’s bike night.”

Below is an example of the Cary chaos:

2034-2042 NW Maynard Rd

Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday: 3-10 p.m. See schedule for separate BMX and skate/scoot times.
Friday through Sunday: Noon-10 p.m. See schedule for separate BMX and skate/scoot times

Call those guys at: (919) 380-2970


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