Bob’s Funland Skatepark


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Skate Park Address:

23 Waystate RD Hershey PA 33509


Go Skate does not oversee this skateboard park. Skate at your own personal liability. Wear proper head, elbow, elbow, and wrist protection at all times. Go Skate will not be liable for injury at these parks. For more questions about specific regulations at this skatepark, email the village recreation department staffing.

Learn Skateboarding:

Go Skate provides skateboard school at Bob’s Funland Skatepark. If you are having trouble then you might want to ponder taking a lesson with Go Skate, America’s Most Established Skate Lesson Provider. Browse our certified pros, Hershey , PA Skateboard Lessons

Directions to Skate Park:

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3 comments for “Bob’s Funland Skatepark

  1. Blake

    I really like This Skateparkthis skatepark! It is where I found out how to kickflip. It is a great place to learn how to skate.

  2. Ivan

    I really like this park! It is where I learned how to ollie. It is a nice place to learn things at.

  3. Dylan

    I used to skate behind the grocery store but they yelled at me. This is the easiest place to skate without being hassled.

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