3 Skateboarding Video parts to remember!

We live in an age where skateboard footage and video parts are a dime a dozen. Where every day your mind is flooded by instagram video parts and gnarly footage that despite how groundbreaking it is you forget about it the next day because it gets overwritten by something else. Its just to much and coming from an era where the “video” part actually mattered and you waited years for something glorious it truly makes you appreciate the wait and effort put towards something. Here are 5 classic video parts that go above and beyond just great skateboard tricks. The artistry and time spent filming them in itself makes them staples on this list. Enjoy 5 parts you won’t soon forget.

1. Hearth Kirchart and Jeremy Klein “THE END” by Birdhouse Skateboards
Skateboarding to a classic song with Freddy Mercury and David Bowie two vocal legends setting the vibe for two skateboarding legends almost like they were narrating or speaking for them throughout the video through sound and vision. This video part clearly broke all boundaries and standards of what a video part was. I remember watching this and thinking “Wait, you can do this?” I swear I never looked at another bus stop or business sign the same ever again! Everything is possible! This video still holds up even after decades.

2. Jason Dill “PHOTOSYNTHESIS” by Alien Workshop
Photosynthesis did something to me it probed me like the Alien themed brand that Alien Workshop is. It dug into my soul when this video came out. The visuals and music impacted me and expanded my mind. This part more than any other in the whole entire film. This took me beyond wanting to make skateboarding videos it took me into another realm of creating movies and something more artful with a greater impact. This video part is also responsible for turning me onto Radiohead and making me a lifelong fan. Any video part that can do that is engraved in your mind forever. That line with the walk down the stairs is a thing of greatness for sure!

3. Justin Strubing “ART BARS SUBTITLES AND SEAGULLS” by Foundation
Yet another video that went beyond just a “skateboarding” video. The blending of visuals, graphics, skateboarding, and the music video like synchronization of the music all mixed together was a beautiful thing. Justin Strubing is an underrated skateboarding in my opinion he has always been an absolute favorite of mine and after watching his video part I am sure he will be one of yours as well. Speed, Power, Precision and style! A quadruple combo of excellence that accompanied by a pristine edit and you have yourself a recipe for one of the greatest video parts ever filmed.