2017 was a fantastic year for skateboarding as a whole. The level of progression is insane and the skateboard trickery of today is reminiscent of the video games you grew up playing. Those Tony Hawk video game combos are real! Here are 4 memorable and groundbreaking things we had in skateboarding in 2017.

  1. I remember growing up watching the Black Label skate video just to see Jubs final drop ender and here we are in 2017 with Aaron “Jaws” Homoki nearly matching that drop ender and surpassing it with every clip in his entire “Fiddler on the Roof” 2 part.  Yes thats correct this is the 2nd one hes done, theres a completely seperate roof part as crazy as that sounds.  Be forwarned make sure theres no misquitoss or flys around when you watch this and dont eat anything during this part because your jaw will drop and your mouth will stay open through the entirety as the tricks get gnarlier and gnarlier. Jaws you are one of the greatest dont change dude!

2. Speaking of Tony Hawk video game tricks from earlier this next one is not only groundbreaking but absolutely historical and deserves to win 2017’s Street League Trick Of The Year! Primitive Pro skateboarder Diego Najera kickflipped over an entire picnic table the long way. Ill say that again. Diego Najera kickflipped an entire picnic table the long way! Now theres alot of gnarly tricks in the running for Trick of the Year but I can see all the tricks being replicated or done by numerous other skateboarders in the world. But take every one of those contenders and stick them in front of a a full size table and give them a day to kickflip over it longways. Good Luck. Next time your in front of a full sized table just stand in front of it and try to imagine even ollieing over it the long way. Now contemplate a kickflip. Yup this trick NEEDS to win seriously. This trick is legendary and deserves all of our votes!

3. This year broke records for women in skateboarding. Never has there been this many female skateboarders inducted into professional status and its fantastic and well deserved. Here are just a few of the women who are now pro skaters!

4. Daewon Song absolutely ruled 2017 via social media. His insta clips are fun yet progressing skateboarding still at the same time. Watch this Instagram compilation of his for 2017 the last trick which he switches his wheel mid air is absolutely nuts and I find myself watching it numerous times. Daewon only gets better and better with age its absolutely incredible! Beyond legend he is an icon in skateboarding