Ollie is the first gateway to skateboarding. When you see skaters jumping with their skateboards you may wonder “How can skateboard stick with rider’s feet?” Here is why and how to do it.

What is Ollie?


Ollie is a trick you jump with your skateboard.The name “ollie” came from the nickname of
Alan Gelfand
who firstly created ollie at pool coping in 1976. Ollie was arranged into flat ground by
Rodney Mullen
in 1982 and this version is known as normal ollie today. Ollie is the most important trick in skateboarding because it is a basis for almost any kinds of tricks. When you want to do some flat ground tricks like kickflip, get onto something, jump down stairs, and try handrails, you always need ollie. So ollie with height and good control is key to your total skateboarding skill.

What Makes Ollie Possible?

So why can skateboard stick with rider’s feet? The basic idea is found in the “lever.” Lever is known as a system making large power from small power by using thread and support. Lever system consists of 3 main points “point of effort (power),” “point of action,” and “fulcrum.”


Large power is created at point of action by inserting small power into point of effort. Applying this concept into skateboard, we can see deck as main thread, fulcrum as back wheels, effort as tail, and action as nose. Skateboard is floated in the air by kicking tail with your back foot and dragging nose with your front foot.


You can make your skateboard horizontal to ground in the air by using your front foot like a guide.


So that is why ollie is possible. Let’s move to how to do it.


Stance for Ollie

n stance of ollie, your back foot is on edge of the tail and put power onto big toe mound (with this spot you will kick the tail.) Place your front foot behind the front hardwares and put power onto all toe mounds. Make sure both weighted spots of feet are located on middle line of your board. Your body weight (center of your balance) also should be on the center of your board.


Get Ready to Jump

When stance is ready, bend your knees a little and put your weight straight down to get power for jumping. Your body should be open a little to forward. Look at around nose.


Jump Straight Up

Jump straight up with your upper body. Make sure you are keeping position of your body weight on your board. If you lose where your body weight is, you would miss your trick.


Kick Tail

At the same time or slightly later of your jumping, kick tail straight down to hit ground and pop your board. You will hear cracking sound when the tail hits ground properly.


Pull Up Your Front Foot

When you kicked tail correctly, side of your front foot toe will dragging up your board almost automatically. Try to bring up your front foot as high as possible because the height you bring the nose is going to be your ollie’s height. Skateboarders with highest ollie records usually bring up their feet higher than their hips as shown.


Make your Board Parallel to Ground

After dragging up your nose, try not to press the nose to make your board horizontal to in the air. Rather, pull up your back foot to your body and try to make a good form in the highest position.



When you reach the highest place in ollie, it is called a “peak.” At first you would not make a good form in peak. Focus on popping your board first. You will get nice steady ollie with practice. Try to Keep position of your head on the board. This will make your motion steadier.


Get Ready for Landing

After peak just relax and prepare for landing. Make sure you are keeping your balance.


Land with Four Wheels

Landing with 4 wheels at the same time is ideal. Use your knees to relax landing tension. Good landing will make your ollie much cooler.



Q : Can I stop and practice first?

You can stop and practice if it is easy for you. Important thing is to get used to the motion. So it is totally up to you.

Q : Should I grab fence or something and practice to get steady environment?

This training is good for you to understand your feet motion so it is OK to try, but it is not going to help you to learn other important things like keeping balance and jumping.

Q : How to ollie higher?

The best and only training for higher ollie is to ollie over things. Start with low things like empty can and make it higher and higher. Try to ollie over 20″(50cm) first.

Q : How to ollie farther?

Get enough speed, look where you are going to land, and kick tail little to forward while you kick tail straight down when you want to ollie higher.

Q : How to lean my back foot at the peak?

This ollie sometimes called an “Ollie Nosebone.” First of all, you will need to have good ollie skills. The key for this ollie is your front foot and other part. When you are reaching to the peak, push your front foot to forward not moving any other part of your body. That’s it. It is easy to say but hard to do. Below is a movie explaining how to do it.

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