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Corona Roller Rink

Corona Roller Rink Address:

4325 Prado Rd, Corona, CA 92880

Corona Roller Rink Phone:

(951) 279-7465

Corona Roller Rink Description:

Corona Roller Rink is located in Corona and provides a humongous selection of skateboarding hardware, small and large wheels, long boards, and trendy skateboarding shirts. The store workers at Corona Roller Rink Skate Shop are highly experienced in skateboarding. Corona Roller Rink has a skateboard team who who compete in local and regional competitions.

The companies offered here change frequently so if you would like Corona Roller Rink’s latest goods list, send them an email. Some of the brands someone will see there is Pan B skateboards, Etnies, Emerica, eS,Gold Wheels, Reds Bearings, and Nike.

GoSkate distributes skateboards for cheap for all of the clients of Corona Roller Rink. To see more information on special in Corona, click this link:

For additional info on Corona Roller Rink visit or just call the skate shop at (951) 279-7465.

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Defy Board Shop

Defy Board Shop Address:

451 Magnolia Ave Suite 101, Corona, CA 92879

Defy Board Shop Phone:

(951) 371-2707

Defy Board Shop Description:

Defy Board Shop is accessible by skateboard in Corona and has a huge variety of skateboarding hard goods, skate wheels, longboards and shortboards, and flashy threads. The staff at Defy Board Shop Skate Shop are widely experienced in skateboarding. Defy Board Shop has a skateboarding team who are some of the best skaters.

Brands sold here change fr

equently so if you would like Defy Board Shop’s latest retail selection, please get in touch with them. A few of the companies someone will see there is Girl, Etnies, Element Skateboards, World Industries,Autobahn, Bones Red, and Nike shoes.

GoSkate provides skate decks in expensively for all of the clients of Defy Board Shop. To learn more information on deal in Corona, click on:

For additional info on Defy Board Shop visit or just call the skate shop at (951) 371-2707.

Map of Skate Shop

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