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Rob Briggs in Ann Arbor, MI

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Rob Briggs > Skateboard Instructor > Ann Arbor, MI

Rob Briggs is a skateboarding tutor in Ann Arbor who teaches skate lessons for Go Skate.

School Background

Rob Briggs has an education of a Some College. Rob Briggs is virtually always advancing in skating.

Since Rob Briggs lives in Ann Arbor, MI, he is able to instruct at any park within 20 minutes of town by car. A couple of those parks are Riley Skatepark, The Streets Skatepark, Modern Skatepark – royal oak, Oakland Vert. For more photos on skate parks in Ann Arbor, see our awesome skateboard park directory of all skate parks within the USA here: Ann Arbor Skate Parks.

Links to Photos (if any)

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In Ann Arbor, What Are Some of the Skateboard Tricks You Could Teach

Riley Skatepark, The Streets Skatepark, Modern Skatepark – royal oak, Oakland Vert

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More Info on Ann Arbor Skateboarding Lessons With Rob Briggs

In deciding upon a path to understand MI skateboarding, there are two routes. You may possibly join a camp, or group lesson, or pick a personal teacher. The personal instruction with Rob Briggs is a lot more expensive on paper, but it is group lessons that ends up getting a lot more dangerous in the very long-run.

Here’s How

In Ann Arbor group skateboard instruction with Rob Briggs, you will be aspect of a group of 5-15 other skateboarders below the supervision of an individual or two instructors. The majority of this style of instruction will entail verbal educating and a show from the front of the classroom. Immediately after introducing the process, it is then the skateboarders flip to observe and replicate the ability offered. All fifteen skateboarders then begin wanting.

Scientific studies have proven lack of supervision in starter skateboarding is an individual of the biggest sources of injuries. All in all, the interest of these two instructors can not focus on the process of a lot more than an individual skater at a time. Lack of interest is the biggest prohibiter in group lessons. Here’s the difficulty, skateboarding is a lot more like a mathematical equation than like biology lab. There are specified actual foot placements, strain specifications, and agility knowledge. Positive, you can experiment all you want with the right stability, but at the finish of the day, it arrives down to a particular resolution. There is a great deal a lot more experimenting in group lessons which can lead the probability of injuries.

Non-public lessons are not only safer but will take much less time.

There’s no query that MI group lessons work. With active MI schedules these days, and lack of free of charge time, we all feeling a will need to be a lot more efficient. From encounter, I have observed through fifty rookies understand to trip off of curbs in their 1st personal lesson. This is remarkable! The speed of learning when you have someone watching you the total time is accelerated tremendously.

So would you rather take eight lessons or four personal lessons? The decision is up to you.

Go Skate Store has a total choice of items which just about every skateboarder and skateboarding fanatic has arrive to count on from a retailer specializing in the necessities of the activity. Go Skate carries a substantial choice of finish boards, decks, trucks, wheels, longboards, and outfits Movies are obtainable, as well, and Go Skate even gives you skateboarding lessons with Rob Briggs. Call 800-403-2405 to reserve or click here.


Day One -
  • Learn The Parts of a Skateboard
  • Discover Your Stance and Foot Placement
  • Begin Pushing the Skateboard
  • Turning Frontside and Backside

    Day Two -

  • Discover Tic Tacs and Basic Tricks
  • Learn How to go Over Cracks and Drops
  • Solidify Turning while Moving
  • Confidently go Down Hills Steadily

    Day Three-

  • Conquer the Ramps, Ride them to Fakie
  • Learn Turns on the Ramps
  • Practice How to Ollie
  • Go off of Jumps
  • Safety Technique Review and Skatepark Etiquette

    Customized lessons and assessments are also available