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Skateboarding Explained DVD

In this critically acclaimed DVD, top Lake Owen Instructor, and Mentality Pro, Dan MacFarlane takes you through his Proven system and breaks the tricks down in the same way that has helped his students learn. If you are new to skateboarding, or if you have been skateboarding for a while, and want to get better, this is the dvd for you!

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About.com Video Review

5 out of 5 stars - Skateboarding Explained is a walkthrough DVD for beginner or intermediate skateboarders to learn the basics of skating, and all the tricks you need to know to be a truly intermediate, competent skater. There are several how-to-skateboard DVDs out there, but Skateboarding Explained is honestly the best one I've seen. This video takes the time to really teach the basics of skating (basics that anyone of any level could really use), and the style is such that any skater of any age (even adults!) should feel comfortable with it. You can watch the whole series of instructions in order, or go straight to the section or trick that you want to learn about.

The DVD was directed and designed by Dan MacFarlane, a pro skater and the top skateboarding instructor at Camp Woodward’s Lake Owen resort. Dan has a comfortable, easy going style in his instructions and masterfully performs all the tricks himself. His methods have been tried, and he knows they work. (Bonus fact - Dan instructed Shaun White at an Encinitas YMCA summer camp back when Shaun was 8 years old!) Dan MacFarlane knows how to teach, and what needs to be taught.

The background music, video editing, style and feel of Skateboarding Explained are top-knotch. The music is energetic, but doesn't get in the way. Each trick features high quality slow motion parts that blend perfectly with the instructions, walking you through every aspect of what you are learning. This DVD is pure skateboarding, step by step, piece by piece. If you are looking for an instructional skateboarding DVD, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Skateboarding Explained. – Steve Cave (Skateboard.About.com is a New York Times company) www.Skateboard.About.com

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  • Skate Park Etiquette and Terms
  • How To Use The Board For Transportation
  • Basic Tricks (Ollie, Tic Tac, etc)

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