Skateboard Lessons

6 Tips For Buying a Beginner Skateboard

by McKenna Marsden Choosing a skateboard as a beginner—or a not-so-beginner looking to upgrade from a cheap starter skateboard—can seem intimidating. Having a good skateboard is crucial even for beginners, and there are a lot of options out there. Here are a few tips to help you as you start the search for your perfect…

The Best Video on How to Kickflip EVER

Make Sure Your Front Foot is Placed in Area it Can Flick Well Your front foot positioning is more important that your back foot positioning, because this is the foot that dictates the kickflip. An angle or position which is off will throw off your flip. You will need to flick the board near an…


Difficulty is The #1 Reason Why Most Don’t Skate More Often A 2014 study published Transworld Business showed the reason most don’t skateboard is they don’t know how! Go Skate is the leading provider of skateboarding lessons in the world. With more skateboard classes completed than any other school, the school knows the best ways…

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